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Tovertafel Table for

Queens Court Care Home in Bottisham

Please support a wonderful Care Home, close to our hearts with an invaluable piece of equipment. Dementia affects many families, and this Magic Table will give the Demantia residents of Queens Court Care Home in Bottisham the stimulation to join in with a number social activities they unable to participate in. Thank you.  
"We as a team, are currently improving the facilities within the Dementia Unit. This unit is called Osbourn and includes 16 residents both male and female with moderate to severe dementia.

We are trying to raise money towards buying a Tovertafel (also known as the Magic Table) which would really benefit our residents wellbeing, quality of life and it would enable the dementia residents to be more active both in body and in mind. This table costs about £5,500 which is what we are hoping to be able to raise.
The sensory table motivates the residents to playfully participate in order to stimulate physical and social activity. Numerous games, consisting of interactive light animations that react to hand and arm movements, are projected on a table. There are studies to show that playing with interavtive games such as the Tovertafel can slow down the deterioration of, or can improve memory, hand-eye coordination, reaction times and self-esteem. This table will help to promote physical movement and interactive conversations. If the individuals are not engaged in some way, they can experience anxiety, aggression, agitation or apathy. residents who are therefore vulnerable to the effects of isolation and inactivity and are at high risk for further cognitive and functional decline.

While we are actively doing small fundraising events, however we still need your help to make our efforts go even further.

You can help us begin to raise enough money to be able to afford this sensory table. Your support is crucial to our efforts to get this table in the Dementia Unit.

If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation of any amount of money to help us achieve our mission. Another option we would be to donate items directly to the home which we are able to auction.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your efforts and donations are very much appreicated.

If you would prefer to not give an online donation you can give us a call at 01223 811905". 
Gayle Potts, Senior Care Assistant at Queens Court Care Home in Bottisham

The Fen Ultra - 32 Mile Run for

The Sarcoma Charity - Jamie Jackson

Please spend 1 minute of your time, and a couple of pennies to support a genuine, caring man who's done a courageous and generous event today for charity. 
We're honoured to support Jamie Jackson who is raising money for Sarcoma; a bone & soft tissue Cancer.
Jamie has been unfortunate to lose a good friend Marcus Gynn to Sarcoma this year. Marcus himself, like Jamie was a keen runner, so Jamie thought it was only right to raise money for the Sarcoma Charity by doing a marathon + run (32 miles) across The Suffolk Fen's this morning; 30th August 2016.
He's done incredibly well and despite the 30C heat, he managed to get round in one peace. Having suffered a few health problems leading up until this run, we are all so proud of him to have completed such an amazing achievement for such a good cause.
Please continue to donate; I have attached the link to Jamie's JustGiving Page below. Whether you know Jamie or not, sadly everyone seems to be unfortunate to be affected by Cancer, and every penny raised really will help to discover cures and help with treatment and support.
Thank you.


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