Veterinary Products

In addition to our extensive range of First Aid and Medical Supplies, we also offer a range of Veterinary Products.


Please review our range, and if you are after an item that is not listed below or a more unusual item, please feel free to contact us for further details and a quote.

In February 2019 the world was hit with the Equine Flu outbreak.


Newcampe Medical Limited saw record sales of Veterinary Swabs, being ordered in the thousands!




"We have been supplying White Swabs to both the Veterinary & Medical Industry for years, but Sales have increased to numbers we have never seen before. Our Swabs seem to be going all over the country and further. We supply 20", 16", 8" and even 6" in both Sterile and Non-Sterile form to both the Veterinary & Medical Industry, but demand for all sizes has resulted in our Production Staff working 12 hour shifts and even at the weekend. We are lucky to have such a strong, reliable workforce supporting us." Emily Owen, Director



20" White Swabs in Sterile & Non-Sterile







16" White Swabs in Sterile & Non-Sterile


8" White Swabs in Sterile & Non-Sterile






Vet Wrap


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