First Aid Services

We offer a number of different First Aid services:


  • Standard First Aid Kits; Single Person, Office, Warehouse/Industrial, Catering, Veterinary, Child Care and many more!


  • Personalised First Aid Kits, made to a customers specific requirements


  • Top up First Aid Kits to the British Standard of Health & Safety requirements.

First Aid Requirements

First Aid is required in every industry. Health and Safety in the workplace is key to every warehouse, factory, yard or office, to support employees and customers alike.


The Health and Safety regulations are governed by an independent watchdog, who we work very closely with to provide all organisations with the correct standards of First Aid and Health and Safety supplies and equipment.


There are many different types of industry which may need more specific requirements, for example construction, education, woodwork, catering and health care, but as standard workplaces are classed as high or low risk, depending on the type of industry. Once classified, the amount of employees is taken into consideration to determine what requirements are needed to be put in place. Workplaces that pose more of a significant health and safety risk are more likely to also need a trained first aider.


We do not train first aid, but do have contacts we can offer to discuss training options with you.


We do stress we are not Nurses or Doctors, but our office staff are First Aid trained, and we have over 30 years combined knowledge in the First Aid and Medical Industry. We cannot offer medical treatment, but we can certainly offer support and guidance, and extensive knowledge of what equipment and supplies individuals might need. 


As standard for a low risk workplace, offices will need at least 1 complete First Aid Kit stocked to Health & Safety Standards, and a person in charge of First Aid, including making sure the kit remains stocked up. Employers must provide all First Aid and Safety arrangements to all employees.


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